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Monday, October 10, 2011

April 28th is only six months away!!!!

This a fun and unique type of “Market” to sell your gently used or homemade items.  The feel of the market will be vintage.  The entrance to the Commons by Common Grounds will be decorated to help our shoppers get the “feel” of the market. We want to make it fun and inviting!!! Then they will enter the Commons where you will be and 30+ of your closest choir family friends.  A shopper’s delight.  Each space will display their items for sale in a fun and beautiful manner to draw the shoppers in. 
·    Start making things now!
·    Start asking friends and families if they have any fun, unique, interesting things that they would like to get rid of and give to you to sell!!!
·    The idea is not quantity of items, but quality and presentation is everything.
·    Homemade items, baked goods, gardening items, gently used
·    No home business items (Pampered Chef, Premiere Jewelry, CAbi, Amway, etc.)

This is a great opportunity to invite family and friends to come to an event at church. It's never to early to start letting them all know!!!

I have already posted some photos and links to other blogs and websites to get your creative juices flowing.  I will update with more photos and posts as the months go by.